Moć Žene
(The Powerful woman)

Lela Mihailovic was diagnosed with breast cancer along with 14 other patients in Podgorica, Montenegro. Within a short amount of time Lela was the only patient left alive from the group that was diagnosed.

You will find out, first hand, how Lela challenged some of her doctors, how she kept a brave face for her young children and how she stayed strong learning of her sisters diagnosis whilst fighting her own battle and saying goodbye to her months later. 

We hear insights from Lela’s parents and children, along with doctors, surgeons, friends and family which are truly thought-provoking.

An emotional encounter of how a strong minded woman survived against all odds. 

Original Tile: Moć Žene
Produced & directed by:
Lazar Vukovic 
Status: Theatrical release October 2023; Televised release RTCG 1 November 2023
Language: Montenegrin 
Duration: 50 mins

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